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Outdoor Activities & Experiences on the Llano River

Kayak Rentals

The Llano River is an ecological gem in the Texas Hill Country, supporting dozens of native and rare plants and animals. Want confirmation that Texas is the best place on earth to live? Then drift down our section of the Llano on a warm day when the river is running and the fish are biting. The sun sparkles on water that splashes over the boulders lying in the shallow rapids and glints off red granite rocks. Book our kayaks for only $40 a stay!

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Bike Rentals

Leave your bike at home and rent ours by booking our bikes for only $25 per stay! With miles of rolling hills on remote gravel roads in the middle of nowhere, we provide two sets of bikes that you can use for a sunset cruise or a more rugged adventure through the Texas Hill Country. You can expect amazing views while taking in some of the wildlife along the long county roads that wind through ranches surrounding our property.

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Fly Fishing

Fly fishing the Llano River makes for an unforgettable and rewarding experience. We have teamed up with Cari Ray of Rio Llano Outfitters and her guided fly-fishing program “Fisher of Zen” as an option during your stay!

The Llano River is truly one of Texas’ wild and sporting rivers, plentiful with the fast-striking Guadalupe Bass, (the State Fish of Texas), Largemouth Bass, Sunfish and Rainbow Trout (during winter months)—all which beckon the avid angler or beginner fly-fisher alike.

We invoke the spirit of the late Raye Carrington, a pioneer of fly fishing in the Hill Country, who understood well the draw of this untamed river in Texas.

Whether you’re an experienced fly angler, or simply looking for a fun and unexpected activity for your group, we have the perfect, curated experience waiting for you!

Fly fishing on the Llano River, without a doubt, is one of the best ways to connect with the rugged beauty that the Texas Hill Country has to offer!

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