El Castell on the Llano River was recently featured in this article by 101highlandlakes.com.

By Jared Fields for 101 Highland Lakes, October 11, 2016

The small community of Castell is a charming and secluded spot for fishing, canoeing, and relaxing.

CASTELL — If you get one chance to show someone what Texas is all about, where do you go?

Not the plains of the Panhandle or the canyons of Big Bend. Not the forests of East Texas or the beaches of the Gulf Coast.

It’s got to be the Hill Country.

But the Hill Country is a 25-county region, far too large to see in one day. So you’ve got to focus on the best part of the Hill Country: the Highland Lakes.

And one spot in the Highland Lakes is the perfect destination.

It’s isolated. Whatever photos you take on your smartphone are staying there because you’re not posting them to social media when there is no service.

There’s a river for fishing or kayaking. The hunting is great. And the landscape is in pristine condition.

At night, you’ll get distracted by shooting stars as you stare into the middle of the Milky Way.

And although maybe six people live there, you’ll find a hundred or more from all walks of life getting together when the barbecue is ready.

It’s the water, the wildlife, the wide-open spaces, the hills and the granite. And it’s all in Castell.

“It seems like nobody comes to Castell once,” said Marc Leifeste as he surveys his store. “They think it’s a neat, charming place, and they come back again.”

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